What Makes People Happy?

What makes people genuinely happy?  According to social psychologists, there are three main things that make people happy: close relationships, a job or past time that they love, and helping others. The simple question of what makes you happy is actually, quite difficult for us to answer. Inherently happy people do not stress or worry about what others think or feel about them. Research has shown that these unique people concentrate on how they view themselves based on who they are and how they behave. They are often considered wise beyond their years as they are calm in spite of life being chaotic. Part of the reason happy people are genuinely happy is because they are always working to make their lives better.What make peopole happy - lizushPeople with positive attitudes generally don’t let circumstances define who they are. It’s merely a part of life. Research shows that happiness is a reward where we have done something positive or beneficial. Emotions are the ‘shortcut’ the brain uses, rather than going through every scenario. I have noticed that whenever I observe genuinely happy people, it makes me want to view life as they do. 

But what about those individuals with lots of money? Does that make them happy?  Research has shown that once your needs are monetarily met, more money does not make people happier. In fact, focusing on money and material things can make you feel incredibly unhappy. People who put a lot of emphasis on money and materialistic ‘things’ are not as happy as those who value relationships in their lives and services they provide for others. does money make people happyWe, as humans, are such a social species that that is what drives our evolution. We experience emotions such as embarrassment and guilt through the context of other humans. The best indicator of a person’s happiness is the quality of his or her relationships with family, friends, and romantic relationships. We are a tribal species, where we have evolved to make friends; however, not with everyone. Through research, we have also learned that happiness is not the default. In fact, the brain must work hard to be happy; therefore, happiness is a goal, rather than a permanent state.Happy family - lizush blogAnd all these reasons culminate to why gift-giving is not only a happy moment for the receiver, but also just as happy a moment for the gift-giver.  As my company was evolving, I did know from the beginning that the simplest of ingredients together would result in a product that most consumers would appreciate.  From my research, it was clear that many wanting bath and body products were sick of having to determine whether the products were natural and whether they contained synthetic chemicals that could be hazardous to their health.Gift giving - lizush - blogI never knew that customizing my bath and body care to be natural and as synthetic-free as possible was what people were searching for.  To take it a step further, I never knew that it would make me so happy to be providing something pure and beneficial for consumers to enjoy!  And that made me truly happy!🧡

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