The ‘Kitting’ Experience

Guess what today is…?  It’s Kitting Day!  Today we go through the process of assembling our packages. But it is not what you think, If you were thinking along the lines of machine packaging. No no no…we hand package each and every item into each of the boxes. We make sure the products are placed in such a way that when the parcel is opened, they are facing the opening and can be read and appreciated immediately. Aaaah, it is such a pleasure to work with my team in the process of designing the package, determining what products, which scents to place together, what type of items we can add that will complement the gift, placing the items in a particular order, covering the items with tissue paper, and determining to package them in such a way so that they will not be damaged. Although it is fun, it certainly is not easy to design and implement everything. The best gift boxes have the true potential to make gift-giving magical. My ‘Do It Yourself’ kits are a star-studded spa treatment for any occasion.Nautral Citrus skincare gift box - lizushSo, we first wanted the box itself to show how committed we were to our customers, wanting them to see the outside of the box and melt with joy! We carefully planned the colors correlating alongside the flowers to enhance the feeling and appreciation of a luxurious spa experience.  We wanted to entice the customers to get excited about looking inside Lizush Luxury Gift Package. This experience was meant to show you that it was especially handmade for you. I always put myself in my customers’ shoes and think:  would I feel special and get excited about receiving this personalized gift package addressed to me? And the answer is an overwhelming YES!  And what would be even more exhilarating to place the recipient’s name in a beautifully scripted manner, on the box lid.Bridal luxury spa gift box - lizushAfter a lot of troubleshooting, I assembled the best products together, for an at home spa experience. The relaxation spa box contains Lavender Natural Soap Bar, Lavender Body Scrub, Lavender Body Oil, Shower steamer Mist, Natural unscented Lip Balm, Facial Clay Mask, a Beautiful Cosmetic Bag, Scented Soy Candle in a tin, an Exfoliating Soap Saver, and a Personal note printed on a beautiful greeting card.  This will definitely show that special loved one how much you care and want to pamper them. Lavender spa gift box - lizushI thought long and hard about wanting to make sure these products are all natural. These products come from plant-based materials that are free of synthetics. For example, essential oils are compounds extracted from the ‘essence’ of the plant. The purest of the essential oils are extracted and obtained through steam and/or water distillation. Although there are more than 90 known essential oils, we take pride in our selection of very pure Lavender, Grapefruit and Eucalyptus Oils.Christmas gift box - lizushIf you observe, our combination of items is assembled extremely well together to form a luxurious box of bath, body and facial items. We use tissue paper first at the bottom of the box, enabling us to envelope our items in a soft cover to protect them. As you may have observed, I do not like to unnecessarily ‘over-package’ our boxes because I want more room for our products! 

The organization of the items in our gorgeous box is well thought out so they will not only be the most secure, but also in the most presentable manner to our customers. Get Well gift box - lizushAt Lizush, we believe that you deserve the best in an at-home spa experience, and feel we are giving you that experience with all our various gift boxes and products! In my opinion, the thought behind the at-home spa experience is by opening and comforting as many of your senses as possible. I feel as if the act of ‘kitting’ my products contributes to Lizush’s goal to make my customers feel good and look your best!  And in turn, that makes me feel SO GREAT 💃 !

Click on each picture to get to the box page and see all the ingredients and the complete information about what is inside. 🤗❤️

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