All Natural Bath Bombs
What is more relaxing than bath bombs in the bath and candles all around? Natural Bath Bombs are known to calm and uplift your mood as well as moisturize your skin. Made with essential oils, these bath bombs can soothe your skin and alleviate your aches, while filling the room with relaxing scents. These non-synthetic, vegan ingredients turn a regular bath into a magnificent spa without any harsh chemicals to irritate your skin. They also clean, deodorize, repair skin, and strengthen blood vessels. The aromatherapy benefits linger on your skin and stay with you all day.  The benefits can change from invigorating and energizing scents like citrus to calming, relaxing scents such as lavender.
Lizush bath bombs are very special in that they are all-natural as well as vegan. They are made with essential oils to enhance the essence of the bath itself.  Our premium, handmade natural bath bombs not only help you unwind but also nourish, soothe and hydrate your skin.  Choose from our  Bath Bombs Gift Boxes filled with up to 14 bath bombs or browse our many other bath and body gift sets filled with a variety of our all-natural spa products including bath bombs.
All Natural Shower Steamers
Shower steamers provide the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, but in less time than using a bath bomb in the bath. Shower steamers fizz and release essential oils into your shower to create an amazing experience full of all-natural scents. They are wonderful for clearing the sinuses, detoxifying, and clarifying the skin, with the bonus of creating a spa experience at home. Shower steamers are tablets that dissolve in water and create therapeutic steam that is bursting with all-natural scents 🛀🏽.

Lizush all-natural, vegan shower steamers consist of baking soda, citric acid, essential oils, and floral buds. You end up with a magnificent home spa experience, enveloped in a relaxing and soothing scent.  If you are wondering how to use a shower steamer, it is very easy.  Just place it next to your head, while you shower; or you can place the tablet right on the floor of your shower.  As it gets wet and dissolves, it releases essential oils into the shower steam. The aromatherapy applications vary from soothing to stimulating, from balancing to boosting.
Breathe deeply and enjoy the essential oils’ therapeutic benefits.  It usually lasts around 5 minutes if it’s in a direct stream of water.  The amazing thing about shower steamers is that their size is smaller than bath bombs, but they last longer since they do not need to be immersed in water.

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