What are the Benefits of Bath Bombs?

Calgon…take me away…!!!’  Remember that commercial?  It can definitely be applied to Lizush Bath Bombs in bath soaks!  Natural Bath Bombs are known to calm and uplift your mood as well as moisturize your skin.  They tend to have three main ingredients; sodium bicarbonate and sodium lauryl sulfate (which causes the fizzy reaction with water), and essential oils for a soothing scent.  With essential oils, these bath bombs can soothe your skin and alleviate your aches.  This also promotes relaxation, which induces good sleep.  What a glorious way to help remove toxins, dirt from the outer skin layer!

But bath bombs go to the next level of a bath; they create an atmosphere of luxury and splendor.  These non-synthetic, vegan ingredients turn a regular bath into a magnificent spa.   They also clean, deodorize, repair skin, and strengthen blood vessels.  You end up with younger looking skin, rejuvenating enzymes and overall glowing skin!  The aromatherapy benefits lingers on your skin and stays with you all day.  The benefits can change from invigorating and energizing scents like citrus, to calming, relaxing scents such as lavender.  

Lizush bath bombs are very special in that they are natural as well as vegan.  They are made with essential oils to enhance the essence of the bath itself.  The premium, handmade natural bath bombs that I designed was to not only help you unwind, but also to nourish, soothe and hydrate you skin.  I decided on the following different all-natural bath bombs with essential oils:  Lavender, Lemongrass, Grapefruit, Mint and Eucalyptus.  These splendid bath bomb types will not only sooth your mind, but will also relieve stress from your shoulers and calm your nerves.  By soaking your body in bath bomb infused water, you can reduce your blood pressure and allow blood flow smoothly.  

My recommendation for bath bomb use, is that if you have the time, make it a wonderfully relaxing, luxurious, calming night in the bath tub.  I would suggest beginning by setting the scene in your bathroom by lighting some candles and generally decluttering the area.  Prepare YOUR bathroom as if you were going into a spa-like visit.  Begin with clean fresh towels, a velvety soft robe, slippers after the bath and light music to set the mood.  Now here comes the best part:  fill the bathtub with warm water and drop the bath bomb of choice into your tub for it to become fizzy.  Once you get into the tub, enjoy the delightful scents that will take you away from the everyday stresses of life.  You can now sit in comfort as you read a book or novel, listen to music or a podcast of choice.  The overall soak can last between 15-20 minutes for the full effect!  Enjoy…you deserve to treat yourself to an evening of luxury!

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