Are Natural Soaps Beneficial?

This is my favorite topic…since my first product that I made…was soap… all began with one bar of soap…Lizush’s Natural soaps soothe, moisturize, and clean your skin with only natural ingredients.  In the product, we add essential oils to bring a soothing, calming and restorative effect.  We use the cold process method with essential oils to create soaps that help absorb oil to the skin and promote soft, healthy skin.  These natural handmade soaps are suited for both women and men.  They give you a clean smooth feeling due to their all-natural vegan ingredients as they gently exfoliate the skin.  

Soaps are something that almost everyone uses several times a day, and is one of the primary ways in preventing transmission of some bacterial and viral diseases.  As most of us are aware, toxins from our environment are largely absorbed through our skin.  As our skin is the largest organ in the body, it is extremely important the way in which we clean.  Our skin is also the organ most in contact with the outside world; thus, we should be careful what we expose it to and should be a top priority.  Natural soaps have natural ingredients that contain vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.  Human skin, hair and other areas of the body use these substances to grow and remain healthy.  

There are two types of soaps:  hand made ‘natural’ soaps and commercially made soaps.  The latter are usually considerably cheaper than handmade soaps, because the same care is not taken with choice of ingredients.  Many products advertised as ‘soap’, ‘cleanser’, ‘body wash’, etc are actually detergent based and Not really soaps.  Real or Natural soap is highly moisturizing as a by-product of the soap process is an excellent skin moisturizer called glycerine.  Therefore, during bathing, glycerine-containing natural soaps can hydrate the skin, whereas commercial soaps can actually dry the skin out.  

Although handmade soaps take longer to produce, they are usually higher in quality ingredients, and thus are safer on sensitive skin.  In making commercial soaps, part of the profit margin is from mass production, and thus the use of cheap ingredients.  Natural soaps, on the other hand, use natural ingredients that are believed to be healthy and nourishing to the skin.  Commercial soaps are known to contain Parabens, Sulfates, and Triclosan, which are thought to trigger allergies, fluctuate hormone levels, and potentially increase cancer risks.  Due to being made in smaller batches, the natural soaps can come in a wider variety of products, and are generally customisable.


The synthetic products in those soaps that are not natural can actually cause damage to the endocrine, respiratory and immune systems.  Conversely, natural soaps with ingredients such as olive and coconut oils, shea butter, and such are known to be very healthy for the skin.  Lizush Soaps are not only natural, but are hand made and carefully prepared to ensure the best product for you!  We don’t use preservatives that could potentially be toxic to humans or the environment.  Personally, I not only love the way they feel on my skin, but also love the fact that I am producing soaps that are not harmful environmental poisons or toxins!  Go Team Lizush!!

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