The Value of a Luxury Spa Experience

Do you remember when going to spas was a once in a lifetime luxury experience, or only for those with deep pockets?  In recent years, the spa and wellness industry has grown and expanded quite a bit, where there are more spas in the U.S. than there are even Starbucks. No kidding!   As the number of spas have increased, they are still very lightly regulated…and many say it’s a ‘hit or miss’ as to whether or not your spa experience was worthwhile.  Therefore, in my company Lizush, I have developed products with the focus on natural products that can mimic the Luxury Spa Experience…right in your bathtub at home.  The experience you have with my bath bombs and shower steamers will only make you feel as if you are experiencing your own lavish Spa Time.  The greatest advantage is that this experience enables you to stay right at home with the luxury of all the natural products I have developed…for you.

Lizush set of 12 shower steamers for women

So what do these luxury spas offer you, the customer?  Well, other than spending an exorbitant amount of money to fly there and the cost of staying there, among other things?  The advantages certainly do seem wonderful.  The therapies often help heal the body naturally and lead to a rejuvenated feeling.  Along with the body, the mind gets ‘time off’ to relax and enjoy as well.  The spa treatments include the benefit of improved circulation, relieve tightness of muscles, exfoliation to rejuvenate the skin and pore refinement, among other things. 

For those seeking additional skin rejuvenation, you may consider exploring options at the medical aesthetics clinic, where specialized procedures tailored to individual needs can offer further enhancements


What about an in-home spa treatment or experience?  The benefits of an in-home spa is that you can have relaxation on your terms.  In other words, your time of when and where to have your skincare treatments are up to you, as long as you have the appropriate products to alleviate body pain, improve circulation, and overall general relaxation.  I began creating these natural products to give me the sense of what I would want at home that would be of similar interest to my customers. I wanted to mimic the feeling that spa treatments gave; I focused on that theme as I researched and experimented in skincare products.   I think one of the greatest reasons to bask in the glory of an at-home spa experience is due to all the Covid19 spreading issues, which open up to the spread of other infections, whether it be bacterial, viral, or other.  You do not have to think twice as to whether or not this Spa is continuously kept clean or sterile.  That is because your spa skincare experience is at home, in your own bathroom!

Lizush 4oz candle in a tin box

 Lizush carries wonderfully natural and clean products, starting with bath bombs, if you prefer to soak and relax for a while, or shower steamers if you do not have the time for a complete soak, but want the same benefits.  Our handmade cold process soap bars are also incredible products that cleanse, moisturize and soothe the skin.  Afterwards, prior to stepping out of the shower, the natural body salt scrubs can reveal a natural glow by exfoliating and revitalizing your skin.  After rinsing off, a natural moisturizing body oil can elevate the spa-care to another level, where you will feel smooth and soft all over.  Oh, and the shea butter body cream…you feel SO special and naturally beautiful!  It also helps to use our natural clay facial exfoliating mask that adds an extra glow to your skin!  What more could you ask for…Aaaaah…just what I wanted…the perfect at-home spa experience!  

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