Lizush Natural Skincare Products are Not Tested on Animals

All you animal lovers out there…did you know that around 26 million animals are used every year for scientific and commercial testing in the United States?  Can you believe that?  Animals are used to develop medical treatment, determine toxicity of medications, check product safety for human use, and other commercial and health care uses.  The federal Animal Welfare Act(AWA) defines ‘animal’ as any live or dead dog, cat, monkey, guinea pig, hamster, rabbit, or such other warm blooded animal.  They exclude birds, rats and mice bred for research, cold-blooded animals and farm animals used for food and other reasons. As I was planning what my natural ingredients would be, I also was thinking about my products and how they would be tested on animals.  That is when I made my decision:

Why I Did NOT Want to Perform Tests on Animals

  • Animal testing is cruel and inhumane.
  • Scientists are able to test vaccines on human volunteers, plus there are alternate testing methods that can replace the need for animals
  • There are such huge differences in many ways, including genetics, so many consider them poor test subjects.
  • Drugs that pass animal tests aren’t safe
  • Researchers may be misled with animal test results, thus establishing inaccurate treatment and potential cures
  • There is increasing demand for cruelty-free products
  • AWA has not succeeded in preventing appalling animal abuse cases in research laboratories.
  • There are cheaper alternatives to animal tests-in vitro testing of cell structures can provide more accurate and relevant results than on animals.
  • Successful animal testing does not always equate to safe use for humans.  

That’s why I’m so conscious and unmoving when it comes to my products not only being made with natural ingredients, but also not being tested on animals.  With the development of science, In Vitro testing  is performed in test-tubes, where human cells and tissues are grown in small containers to test.  Also there are advanced computer-modeling techniques that simulate human biology progression of developing diseases.  These models can accurately predict the ways that new drugs will react in the human body, replacing the use of animal research.  Finally, a method called ‘microdosing’ can provide vital information on the safety of an experimental drug and how it is metabolized in humans prior to large-scale human trials.  Once volunteers are given an extremely small one-time drug dose, sophisticated imaging techniques are used to monitor how the drug behaves in the body.  

When I heard about these techniques and researched them, it gave me such a sense of relief.  It was then that I realized I did not have to have my products tested on animals, potentially causing them to be at harm or in pain.  One wonderful cause was that I was not creating my products with any synthetic chemicals, nor was I using any parabens or sulfates, and no artificial fragrances.   And finally, upon realizing that no animals were going to be adversely affected due to testing of my products gave me such a sense of relief and calm.  I was running my company the way that I wanted, which was by being Natural, use of no synthetics, and no animal testing!  Yay!  

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