Recycle our Packaging

As the Lizush company was growing and expanding, I knew from the very beginning I wanted the materials used for packaging and for general items to be as Green as possible. As an e-commerce business that sells 100% natural skin care products, it's only natural for us to preserve our love and honor of nature and stick to sustainable packaging that is environmentally friendly…. so I wanted to move towards sustainability by choosing eco-friendly packaging materials for shipping with a smaller negative impact on the environment.  Sustainable packaging can be done by recycling, reusing, and composting.Recycling cardboard at LizushCardboard gift boxes
Cardboard is not only affordable but also great for reusability. Much of it is produced from recycled paper, which is extremely environmentally friendly. If it’s clean, dry, and free from contaminants, cardboard can be recycled approximately 5-7 times.  In fact, cardboard boxes are very reusable, thus enabling us to not have to cut down trees. We flatten and store our cardboard to be reused several times.  My team and I often brainstorm about what other ways we can use cardboard or generally how else can we go Green.
A great option for packaging customer products within the cardboard boxes is by cushioning them with recycled shredded cardboard that we no longer use.  The shredded cardboard (we have a shredder as well as a cardboard perforator) protects the gift boxes from being bent or cracked and is a great way to send them via wholesale shipments. Our shredder and perforator enable us to have a multifunctional view of our recycled cardboard.  On the other hand, when shipping directly to the customer, the use of recycling peanuts and air pillows also works splendidly.  Recycling cardboard gift boxes at lizushMaking a positive impact on the environment
Recycling in our business creates cost avoidance, thereby freeing up funding for sustainable initiatives. My employees are just as motivated to work in an environment that is conscious of recycling. In every way, it has built our small work community to be tighter, since we all care about recycling and making a positive impact on the environment. And we cannot miss expressing just how valuable recycling can become to our environment. It takes less energy to reuse and recycle materials, rather than making them from scratch. And by all of us taking a hand at recycling, we are having less non-biodegradable waste dumped in the landfills.
According to the EPA, our landfills are filled with the following waste which could be easily recycled:
- 21% of food, the largest component of landfill
- 14% of paper and cardboard
- 10% of rubber, leather, and textiles
- 18% of plastic  Recycling cardboard at lizushGo Green
Just think that by changing our perspective just a little bit, we could aid in avoiding unnecessary waste in landfills.  By coming up with solutions that enable Lizush to Go Green, I feel humbled when I think that we as a company are attempting to do our part in reducing air pollution and environmental toxins.  When we reduce energy consumption, we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. By instituting a recycling program, I have also greatly reduced my company’s carbon footprint.  So please attempt to do your part and Go Green!Recycling at Lizush - natural skincare - Go Green

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