Advantages of Taking a Bath

After coming home from a long, hard day at work, haven’t you felt like getting into a bathtub and just releasing all the tensions and stresses of the day? Although many feel it’s only favored by young kids, it is known that many adults indulge themselves in bathing. It has been proven already that taking baths can have physical and also mental health benefits. Bathing not only helps you stay clean but also helps you get rid of inflammation, sores, and irritation from the accumulation of dead skin cells. In fact, baths relax your muscles, stimulate the nervous system, and gently exfoliate the skin.  Stress relief

As I mentioned, baths can not only help many people get well but also can help with their mental health and well-being. It can be done by creating a soothing bath environment for the senses (candlelight, soothing smells, and soft music), where our mind can relax and get away from the stresses of the day as well as into a mode of meditation. This is what I try to do at home, and thus wanted to mimic that spa environment with my many Lizush bath and body products for my customers. Research has shown that a 30-minute 104F bath improves depression by decreasing stress hormones and balancing serotonin levels, which help to regulate the mood.  
Soaking in a warm bath a few times a week may also help with muscles that are sore, and joint pain, and can make it easier to exercise every day. The bath relieves muscle tightness, relieves pain, and improves connective tissue elasticity. In fact, a warm bath can elevate your heart rate, thus giving improved circulation and oxygenation to the extremities. Research has also shown that Epsom Salt relaxes and relieves muscle pain.Natural bath salts - LizushMe time – relaxing space
Be sure to create a quiet space for maximum relaxation and meditation, without any interruptions. I have found that aside from the physical benefits, the bathing process quietens the mind from racing thoughts and other mental distractions. There is a relief from stress and anxiety that I find uplifting and luxuriating. The bath gives me a sense of ‘timeless space’, where I can healthily think about projects and ideas, without the pressure of time, the computer, social media, or my phone. During the common cold and allergy seasons, I find the hot bath with the use of essential oils, is marvelous in opening my nasal passageways and just can make me breathe easier.Soking in a bath tub with natural bath salts - lizush (3)Better sleep aid
However, I suggest not to bathe every day, or you may see skin dryness or irritation. Use warm (not boiling hot) water and Lizush bath salts of your choice in which to soak and relax. And believe me, it really helps you to fall asleep, by not only relaxing your body but also your mind. 
To take it to the next level, the quality of sleep improved with my baths. Studies have shown that a nightly hot bath facilitates an earlier sleep onset. The bath aids in the body’s natural flow into sleep by lowering the body temperature. Another study found that taking hot baths reduced peak blood sugar levels! 
With all that being said, it feels extraordinary to give myself the time to soak in a bath-not to mention the wonderful benefits.

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