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The history of women in the United States having equal rights with men is still an ongoing process. Historically, the biological differences between men and women had been viewed as:  women are weaker and more ignorant, and therefore, need guidance and support from their fathers or husbands.  Since motherhood was seen as a Godly blissful achievement, it was felt that women were meant to be solely at home.  It would be sinful for them to attempt to ‘work’ outside of the household.Equal rights for men and women on a scaleUpon marriage, women’s roles became that of caretakers of the home and supporters of their husbands; thus, U.S. leaders and lawmakers reasoned that women were the lesser race and deserved lesser rights and privileges.  The status of women remained unsettled well into the mid-twentieth century.  However, women were constantly taking leadership roles to stand up for their rights, whether it was the right to vote, equal rights with men, civil rights, or equal pay.  In 1923, the National Women’s Political Party first proposed the Equal Rights Amendment to provide for the legal equality of the sexes and prohibit discrimination based on sex.  It wasn’t approved until 1972, by the U.S. Senate.  
Influenced by women

We have seen these heroic women throughout American history, such as Abigail Adams who was an advocate for women's rights, Susan B. Anthony who was a pioneer in the suffrage movement, and Rosa Parks who helped initiate the civil rights movement. Now we have seen Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings and how she has held strong and steadfast, as she answers the Senators’ questions.  I was so impressed and motivated to see this woman with an amazing work ethic and history, attempting to be the first African American Justice in the US Supreme Court.  In fact, on April 7, 2022, a bipartisan group of Senators confirmed Judge Jackson’s nomination.  She is a resilient nominee with strong experience, character, integrity, and dedication.  She is a true embodiment of what women can achieve as they hold onto their beliefs and stay confident in themselves.  Watching her only emboldened me as a woman into moving forward and attempting to accomplish all the goals that I have set out for myself.  Our women’s history in America should also educate us on the power and strength of women’s inclusivity and working together for the same purpose, focus, and goals. Ketanji Brown Jackson’s - LizushPicture was taken from - 

Women in business
There have been numerous women that have established the arduous groundwork for us to come forward and ahead in our careers. As a women-owned business, I am so very proud to continue to move forward and upward with Lizush, where every woman in my company work and contributes. This company was begun with just 2 other women helping me make natural skincare products out of my home. With a lot of patience and resilience, I have taken it to a level where we can be very proud of the natural bath and body products we sell.
When I feel low, I just think of these wonderful mentors that have not only come before me, but also those women that continue to push through the conflicting equality rights, and I immediately feel reinspired. We, as women, have what it takes to work together, live out our dreams, and have them come true.Womens in business - lizush

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