Lizush Partners with ‘VideoGreet’

I am so excited to present the partnership of Lizush with VideoGreet!  
I wanted to elevate our gifting experience by having a personalized video message the sender could choose to create.  It’s quick and easy, where you can install VideoGreet in just minutes.  You can even edit the design without having to write a single line of code!
What is 'Video Greet'? 
VideoGreet comes from VidDay.  VidDay’s video gift platform helps millions of people in over 180 countries create beautiful video gifts to celebrate special occasions.  And how wonderful is this where we can add a video with Lizush’s amazingly natural products!  As a customer, once you receive the special personal video message along with our sensationally high-quality gift sets, you will be spellbound! Video greeting message by mobile - lizushHow are video messages beneficial? 
The message customizes the gift, where the receiver will not forget either the gift, or the giver.  This offering, coupled with the message will only increase the emotional experience.  And this bond can only expand and magnify.
So, how do you get started? 
Customers simply record and upload the video after they checkout and pay.  After payment, they will receive an email that will take them to a recording page with our logo.  At the same time, the receiver will be sent an email with the link to your VideoGreet order.  From there, the recipient can download the video once they receive a QR code alongside the gift order. It’s as easy as that!  Once you decide on the gift to send, we have an area on our website where you can send a video message.  (See below)
On the product pagvideo greeting box in prodcut page - lizush
On the cart pagvideo greeting box in cart page - lizush
Tighten up your connections
Video use has been increasing, year after year. As the pandemic hit, the popularity of videos soared to keep connected with friends, family, and coworkers.  And in fact, the video message has become a meaningful alternative to written messages.
Video messages have become the popular way for the unboxing experience.  And we certainly want to offer this to our customers, as video messages can increase the emotional connection between the giver and the receiver.  And we certainly hope that you will establish that connection with our products as well, because they are worth greeting message with mobile - lizushReceiving surprise video gifts creates an emotional customer bond between you (the customer) and the receiver.  And we want that experience to be as joyful and exuberant as we can make it for you.  Lizush bath and body products are meant to invoke that sense of joy and excitement.  That’s why we decided to add ‘icing on the cake’ by including a personalized video message.  You truly will not believe just how simple the process will be of making the video and having your special someone receive it.  In addition, having the video with the gift will simply take your special someone to another level of happiness.  So come be a part of the ecommerce system and enjoy the process!

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