Who Are We & What we Believe as a Company

Hello everyone! 
My name is Lizzy, and I am the founder and CEO of Lizush!  I have been running this company, starting from my kitchen, for over 8 years ago.  I am so honored and lucky to have these strong, opinionated and committed women who have helped me take this company this far.  I have been extremely fortunate, not only because these women have been so committed to learning and aiding in the growth of the company, but also because they have wanted to help me expand the company products.  They are genuinely interested not only in seeing the company grow, but also in making a difference in the environment and to everyone.  My group is committed and determined to create natural products that are not only healthy for us to use but are also secure for the environment.  I am so grateful to have found these women who are just as dedicated as I am in the production of natural and safe products.
With the help of these ladies, I have been able to proliferate Lizush to the size it is thus far.  These women have come to work with the enthusiasm and energy needed to grow the ecommerce business.  My right-hand person and wonderful support is the VP of Marketing and Wholesale, Alex. Her main role in Lizush is to bring more wholesale customers and make this department even larger. Her goal is to help customize products and gift sets for each and every company/event/shop with their specific needs, scents, colors, and look. Her priority is to listen to the customers and make their dreams come true.  Dikla is our project coordinator, and she is absolutely fabulous.  She is full of ideas and suggests new ways to view our creative thoughts.  Rounding out the final office employee is Ramya.  Her role in Lizush is helping with projects, copywriting, getting in touch with suppliers and shipping carriers and much much more.
There are two women who do both office work as well as warehouse work.  They are Lia and Mia.  These women work on warehouse shipping and packaging and general establishment.  They also help with packaging, kitting, and organizing in the warehouse - they do the magic!  They join Tal and Daria in maintaining the boxes and gift sets and getting it ready to be shipped out - both of these women were with me from the beginning when I started in my kitchen.  Donna is in charge of the Warehouse and the general operation- we truly cannot do it without her!!!!! She is the BEST!!!
I think Lizush works like clockwork because ALL these amazing women feel the same way I do when it comes to the value and importance of producing natural products and trying to be sustainable by using recycled products.  It is not an easy task to do the research to come up with products that are natural and beneficial.  It is not only invaluable for our health, but it is also of great value to the environment. I am truly lucky to have a team that wants to make a good product plus wants to benefit the environment.  GO LIZUSH TEAM!Lizush team

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