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Lizzy and her Company Beginnings...
Do you daydream?  If so, what have your daydreams been about?  Don’t laugh, but mine have been about making products with natural ingredients.  Actually, the main reason was because of my skin condition that caused me to be very sensitive to all the synthetic chemicals being used for bath and body products.  So, I began in my kitchen making only cold process soaps, but soon added 2 other employees to help me with a new line of bath bombs and lip balms.  While drinking our morning coffee, we would begin brainstorming various ideas about what to produce, how to produce, and what natural ingredients we should use.  I exhaustively researched the most natural ingredients for different product ideas.  It was so funny because by mid-morning, my kitchen would look like a mini volcanic eruption, full of bath products everywhere.  But by the end of the day, we would clean everything up prior to beginning again the next day.  Soon enough, simply through word of mouth, people began calling to first thank us for wonderful products and then they began asking for custom orders.  It was then I knew that I was providing a crucial service to these customers.lots of natural bath and body staff on the table - lizushI had the plan all in my head that the company should be about bath and body care without use of synthetic chemicals.  But I knew I needed assistance and also knew it would take time.  My motivation and incentive were really propelled by my skin sensitivities and that I couldn’t find products gentle enough to be used on my face and body without having negative skin reactions.  I also knew I was not the only one who had skin sensitivity and that there were many others out there looking for the same.  I would be making products that finally, others like me would be able to use as well as enjoy. The best part of the idea was that the bath and body skincare community was changing and wanting cleaner products without synthetics.  It wasn’t just people with skincare issues, but rather people who not only wanted healthier natural products for themselves as well as the environment.natural soap bar held by hand of Lizzy siman tov

As the company expanded, my parents were enthusiastic to help and get involved.  In fact, my father made us an instrument to make mini shower steamers.  Prior to that, we were molding the steamers by hand, which took a very long time.  He has always been very creative and made this with an orange juice squeezer!  It was wonderful to use and made it very convenient for us.  He was very passionate and had multiple ideas for me with respect to the products themselves.
Our bath and body spa products began increasing in number, and as time passed by, we had to move to a warehouse to accommodate for the increase in sales.  We still hand make the natural products and hand pack them in the beautiful boxes. I take pride and satisfaction in knowing that my customers are getting these wonderful products in a non-mechanical way, but rather by the care and hard work of my incredibly caring team.Citurs bath and body product on a table


I love your products. I have very sensitive skin, and yours are one of the few products I have found that I can safely use on my skin. Thanks so much!

Carolyn Mourad September 09, 2022

It’s your attention to detail and the small touches of sentiment like putting a name on the outside of the lovely box that holds your treasures. The products are wonderful but your presentation and willingness to treat each customer like a friend is what rings thru every time I gift a package that speaks to the quality you create. Wish I could justify buying again & again but I have purchased loads of stuff and adore using every piece to the utmost!

Chris Finklein September 09, 2022

Sharing your story really helps customers feel the connection. It’s not about what your products can do it’s about how your products make you feel !!!! Every time I give your products as a gift the recipients rave about it! I love the unique packaging and the care that you put into your products and the finishing touches add that special feeling that keeps me coming back!!

Maureen Hunter September 08, 2022

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