What Makes Us Feel Beautiful?

What makes us feel beautiful?  Hmmm…that’s a tough question, because each of us have different interpretations of what is beautiful.  Plus, it could all depend upon our mood, our thoughts at the time, how we feel we look, what makes us feel comfortable, what relaxes us…I could go on and on…As women, we are often shown the ‘perfect’ way to look on social networks and other media outlets.  However, I believe many women have their own beauty self-care practices.  Many feel when they feel comfy and look cute; others feel when they dress up and do their hair and makeup; some say working out and showering and wearing a nice outfit;  also healthy and exercising frequently; well-rested and a plan for the day; even being physically healthy and active, like dancing or exercising.  

Some women stated that wearing a nice outfit and putting on makeup made them feel beautiful, while others stated they felt most beautiful feeling comfortable.  Others felt beautiful when people told them they were beautiful, such as a family or a loved one.  Many are inclined to believe they are beautiful when their partner tells them they are.  On a different perspective, some people felt beautiful when they were living authentically and doing something they loved or felt happy.  Sometimes it’s when they are doing something good for someone else.  I feel the most beautiful when I’m my most authentic self, either going out for a glamorous night or even staying at home and having a lazy day.  

Feeling beautiful is different from looking pretty.  The former is more to do with taking care of yourself inside and outside; whereas, looking pretty is based mostly on the outer appearance and being affected by the stresses of society.  In other words, beauty comes from within.  Even when someone has makeup on or hair styled well, it is the confidence and self-assurance that makes one exude beauty.  Feeling comfortable with yourself enables your beauty to shine through.  Being kind to others can make you look and feel beautiful.  It can also be very difficult to feel that inner beauty, especially when you have been experiencing some personal struggles, such as illness or tragedy, not just appearance.  Finding what makes you feel beautiful can become a process, where there can be significant steps forward alongside a couple of steps back.  That beauty comes across as you try to pass these negative feelings going on in your life, whatever they may be.  

When I contribute to someone’s happiness, that makes me feel beautiful.  For instance, if I do or say something to lift someone’s spirits and they smile or laugh, that is when it shines through.  I believe a good attitude makes you a more beautiful person.  When I can find my own inner strength and confidence, and I try to walk the world positively, that is when I feel beautiful.  I truly felt beautiful as I never gave up on the idea of having an all natural bath and body care company.  It was not easy at times, doing the research and developing the recipes in my kitchen.  But persistence paid off and I felt beautiful by the accomplishments that my team and I developed.  I was so proud that I could say my products were from natural ingredients and they were not unhealthy for the customers as well as for the environment.  YES!!!

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