What are the Benefits of our Lip Balm?

Summertime is always a funtime.  When I think of summer, I think of hanging out by the beach, having lunch outside, taking long summer strolls, just to name a few.  Summertime, when you need protection from when the sun dries lips…no worries …I got you covered!  Lizush Natural Unscented Lip Balms deeply nourish and soften your lips, using 100% natural ingredients that protect and moisturize.  They are absolutely AAAMMAAAAZZZIIING!!  Not only are the highest quality ingredients used, but the balms are handmade from oil-based unscented botanical blends.  Therefore, it is suitable for both men and women.  How fantastic is that?  Our natural lip balms provide great nourishment to the lips as they are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that not only keep lips moisturized, but also maintain the softness.  

Many lip balms on the market contain artificial coloring and synthetic ingredients that harm lips over time.  You may initially feel that ‘my lips are being moisturized AND they are going to look good with the color.’  However, dermatologists advise to avoid balms made with fragrances and colors, due to their drying properties.  Natural lip balms are safe, being made from natural butter, essential oils, plants, flower extracts(which are moisturizing), healing, and overall healthy for your lips.  They do not contain petroleum jelly and mineral oil, which can make your lips dark and dry.  Plus, I bet you didn’t know that ingredients with added flavor are often the cause of allergic reactions in the lip balm.  Allergic reactions on your lips don’t usually cause redness or swelling, but rather, they cause your lips to become extremely chapped.  So can you imagine, going on vacation during your summer break, and being affected by the side effects of these synthetic lip balms?  Instead of enjoying time with friends and family, you will constantly be focusing on how to stop that uncomfortable feeling of chapped lips, soreness and general agonizing feeling of discomfort.  And before you know it, your summer break will be over…this may sound as if I’m overreacting, but it’s sooo true.  

Lizush natural lip balms act as a natural protective layer to your lips from harmful elements such as cold weather, sun and wind…so I got you covered.  And because they come from natural ingredients, we do not have to worry about any health risks associated with the natural lip balms.  If you have dry, chapped lips, apply Lizush natural lip balm daily.  Allergic reactions should not occur due to the lip balm, since I do not use any synthetic ingredients, nor artificial coloring.  They make your lips look soft naturally, even though they are free from artificial skin softeners and fragrances.  I take extreme pride in the fact that my product is synthetic-free and artificial fragrance-free, as I want to make the best product possible for my customers!

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