Happy Father’s Day

When you think of a Father or a Father figure, how do you think of them?  Well, I am incredibly privileged to have my father, who was such a stand-up gentleman.  He always treated women with the utmost of respect and dignity, including myself.  This is how I was brought up, with the value that women should always be treated with these high values and respect.  Not only that, but also that woman can achieve their goals, as much as a man can.  Equality in my household taught me that there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do or couldn’t achieve, and that I should work hard and never give up on my dreams.
Therefore, Father’s Day to me is simply a day where I can appreciate my father who took just as much time and effort to show me how important my life was worth living.  And his enthusiasm to learn and to grow was infectious and made me want to learn more and to understand how my interest in the bath and body field the fuel for the benefit of many could be.  Father’s Day is a day to show my father just how special he made me feel growing up, and thus how truly special I feel he is to many people.Lizzy ben simon father in lizush wearhouse. Back in our history, this nation’s first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, in Washington State. A woman by the name of Sonora Smart Dodd wanted to honor fathers, such as her own, and have a day to celebrate, just like that of Mother’s Day.  He was a widower, who brought up six children by himself.  However, it wasn’t that easy and wasn’t until 1972 that the day honoring fathers became a holiday nationwide.   For Father’s Day 2022, the official day is on Sunday, June 19 in the United States, whereas countries in Europe and Latin America celebrate on May 19.
Our modern-day fathers do hold a very strong and emotional role in the family.  My father has held a multifunctional role in my life.  He has often been there to help in moments of crisis for me.  Not only that, but he has troubles hooted and designed his own instrument to help me with making Lizush skincare products when I first began my company.  He has not only been there as physical support, but also uplifting emotional support whenever I was utterly frustrated over something occurring with Lizush. 
As a father, he taught me never to give up on my dreams and as a ‘thank you to the most favorite person in my life, I developed the skin care boxes for men with not only the customers in mind, but also my father. 
We wish happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, and invite you to choose our wonderful high-quality skin care gift boxes that's created especially for you!
Men gift box with natural skincare in his handsLet’s celebrate all the sacrifices, the love and joy our fathers have given us.  It’s time they received something that can soothe and relax their cares and stresses away.  Here are just a few of natural men skincare gift sets that can be given to that favorite Father or Father figure in your life.
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