Lip Balm, Set of 3 Natural Unscented Lip Balms

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Deeply Nourishes and Softens your Lips with our ultra protecting lip balm. Taps into nature’s premium ingredients to protect and moisturize your lips.

Lizush lip balms are made in small batches with quality ingredients that nourish and protect your lips. The balms are handmade from an oil-based botanical blend and are also unscented. Therefore, it will suit both men and women.

It comes in a set of 3 unties so you can keep them available in your bag, at home, and in your car...

Also will be perfect as a gift to someone that needs a good lip treat, or as a little party favor gift! 

Lip Balms set includes: 
❀ 3 Natural Unscented Lip Balms 
❀ Presented in a beautiful Cotton Bag

Natural NON-GMO Lip balm ingredients: 
Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil
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At Lizush we believe that you deserve the best!
Working hard all week and taking care of your family and loved ones? It’s now time that someone else should take care of you!
We, therefore, created All Natural products with you in mind:
* High-quality all-natural materials.
* We use only natural colorant made from spices and herbs
* We use only high-quality essential oils for scent
Our goal at Lizush is to make you feel good and look your best!    

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Barbara Coleman
Adorable Little Gift Package of three Lip Balms...

I love your gift set of three little lip balms and will give them often to friends as part of their birthday stash...
Thanks to you and all of your loyal employees, and also I hope you will always send me a card for each set of three I order, rather than receiving three little gift packages and ONLY one gift card.

Allison J
From gift recipient to lip balm lover

I originally received one of the lip balm's in a gift basket I received for Christmas last year. I absolutely loved it and it made my lips feel moisturized and lasted for a long time. After I used the whole thing, I wanted more! So, I found their website and bought this set so I have one for work, home and in my purse. They are great and I love how natural they are! Hope you love them as much as I do! :)

Mary Maring
Best lip balm ever!

I was given this lip balm as a gift and fell in love with it. I have now ordered it for myself and also given it as a gift. It feels so great on my lips and keeps them moisturized and comfortable for hours.

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