Lavender Shea Butter Body Cream

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Revive and rejuvenate dry and dull skin with Lizush Shea butter cream - a deeply hydrating body lotion made with premium natural ingredients and essential oils.

Our Shea Butter lotion is a complete body care product that quickly absorbs into the skin to provide a natural defense against different weather conditions.

Regular usage improves skin texture as well as boosts new skin cell regeneration while also helping your skin retain natural moisture.

Since it doesn't contain any water but only pure oils, using a little bit goes a long way.  

Lavender shea butter includes:
❀ 1 Lavender Shea Butter Cream - 2oz 

❀ Cotton bag

Shea Cream ingredients: Shea butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Bee's Wax
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At Lizush we believe that you deserve the best!
Working hard all week and taking care of your family and loved ones? It’s now time that someone else should take care of you!
We, therefore, created All Natural products with you in mind:
* High-quality all-natural materials.
* We use only natural colorant made from spices and herbs
* We use only high-quality essential oils for scent
Our goal at Lizush is to make you feel good and look your best! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Trudy Budzinski
Nothing like it

This is the softness my skin has ever felt and the smell helps me sleep.

Janna Jenkins
Lavender Shea Butter Body Cream

Love the smell. When product arrived it had oozed cream and outside of container was very oily. The product should be smoother-it is sort of clumpy when it goes on and I really have to rub the product in to my skin. My daughters jar was not like this when I tried hers and decided to get one for myself.

Hi Janna, Thank you for your review. We love to know that you enjoyed the smell.
We are very sorry to hear of how our shea butter came to you. Rest assured that our products leave our warehouse in the best manner. We use the same formula and ingredients and we are very consistent in how we make the product.
The beauty of natural products is how they are affect by the environment such as weather, humidity, heat, etc. Think of a chocolate bar, and how it can be soft of quite firm, depending upon the temperature. If you like your shea butter softer, you can always rub it in between your hands, or place in a slightly warmer environment to make it softer (unlike synthetic chemically made products that are not affected by temperature or the environment). Hopefully this brings a better understanding of our natural products.

A saving grace for dry hands & feet!!

This body cream is absolutely wonderful! I'm pretty sensitive to fragrances and lavender is one I often find overwhelming, but not this one. It's beautifully packaged and the product itself is amazing. As a server I'm constantly washing my hands and this cream has saved my skin!! I'll definitely be ordering more!!

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