What Makes People Motivated?

What motivates you in life?  Is it your family?  Your job?  Wanting to be recognized?  Motivation initiates and maintains goal-oriented behaviors.  It is what causes you to act.  Research suggests that people are motivated by wanting to control their actions, receive recognition for their accomplishments, learn new things, and feel that what they are doing in life matters.  Some motivated people go above and beyond, where they dream of endless possibilities. These people also seem to be extremely satisfied with their lives, wanting to keep growing and bettering themselves.  They are not adversely affected by criticisms and denunciations.    

What is the success of a truly motivated person due to?

  1.  Their desire to be their ‘best’ drives them to be self-motivated
  2. They are humble, accept feedback from others and are willing to admit when they make mistakes.  They do not feel the need to express any arrogance for attention.
  3. They live true to themselves and concentrate on what is working and what is causing success, rather than what has not been working and thus, failure.
  4. Rather than wasting time judging or comparing others, they simply observe the successes and failures of others.
  5. They read and learn a lot and have a clear vision of who or what they want to be, rather than giving up and blaming others for their downfalls.
  6. They surround their lives with motivators, take time out for themselves, and don’t blame others.

There are two main types of motivation:  extrinsic vs intrinsic.  Extrinsic motivations arise from outside of the individual, involving rewards such as praise, recognition, and money.  Intrinsic motivations arise from inside the individual, such as doing and solving a puzzle purely for personal gratification.  Motivation can improve the overall well-being and happiness of individuals.  It can also improve people’s efficiency and help them take action.  

Have you noticed the philanthropists who are motivated to inspire and help people with their dreams?  They give much of their wealth to particular causes.  To make a positive difference in others’ lives gives rise to their desires to continue with the process, due to their motivation.  Other passions as motivators arise from wanting to be the best in their field, wanting to succeed in a career, or just generally to succeed to get to your goals that have been set.  

 For me, the feeling of accomplishment and pride is what moves me forward.    As a CEO, what makes me motivated?  I am motivated to spread the movement of natural products to the market.  I am also motivated to run my business in a more eco-friendly manner, so that we all can come together to protect our home.  I  am motivated to help my customers with their skin care needs by their feedback, which I read everyday. All that keeps me highly motivated to keep moving forward and be better. 

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