The Ideology Behind 100% Natural Skincare Products

The natural beauty industry is on the rise because customers, like me, are constantly concerned about the chemicals in their products. Over the past decade, a parallel line of natural beauty products has arisen alongside the traditional line of synthetic makeup and skin care. A 2015 study found that natural ingredients such as plant extracts were not only safe, but also cost-effective, when compared to synthetic products. And of course, we all know that plant extracts were found to be beneficial to the skin. Regular beauty products are known to be filled with chemicals, parabens, and silicones.  These additives cannot be along the same lines, as we attempt to exercise regularly, eat healthy and live organic.Natural handmade bath and body skincareOver the years, consumers have been genuinely distressed over chemicals in their food, their makeup and overall skincare. Therefore, companies have been responding to legitimate concerns such as BPA and phthalates.  Consumers have become so concerned over chemicals that they have begun looking for products that are natural. Actually, the Food and Drug Administration has very little oversight of the beauty industry. This is because there is very little research done to understand the benefits of natural skin care.

The beauty industry still has a widespread practice of greenwashing, which is that the company, through advertising and marketing techniques, claims to be environmentally conscious; however, they are not doing much of anything in that direction. The cosmetics industry regulatory legislation is close to becoming law. And we as consumers on one hand and as a business on the other hand observe the change in the beauty industry towards how they talk about beauty and how we shop for it.Natural heabs for lizush skincareNatural products used to be sold mainly at health food stores and farmers’ markets. Over the past few years, the demand for clean products has boomed, thus these ‘cleaner’ alternatives are bursting into the mainstream.  However, because of the lack of regulation in the industry, the description of new products has caused some confusion among consumers. The terms ‘clean’ and ‘natural’ have been interchangeably used. Since these and other words are not regulated by the federal agencies, these descriptions don’t have a consistent meaning throughout the cosmetics and personal care products industry. ‘Natural’ usually tends to mean it contains plant-based ingredients, while ‘clean’ products are primarily free of the ingredients: parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and more. In the Lizush skincare products, it has been extremely important to me that they are both natural and clean.

Due to the limited lab research performed over the years, and the inconclusively of these experiments performed, we still do not know the effects of daily use of these chemicals in the long run. However, as a consumer, I know that I do not want to take any chances, and therefore I prefer to use products devoid of synthetic chemicals or carcinogenic materials. That is why I spent long hours researching the best ingredients I could to develop the most stable and healthy products that I could determine. Lizush Natural SkincareI am proud and confident to offer my natural skincare products to my family, friends, and consumers, where the concern for an adverse reaction will not be due to chemicals or unnecessary ingredients. Your skin will feel that my natural products are some of the bests for your skin care routine!

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“I love how Lizush embraces the ideology of 100% natural skincare products! Seeing a commitment to purity and quality in every product is refreshing. Keep up the great work!”

Okkabeautydubai June 28, 2024

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