Let’s try to get Green and Natural

When you see products on the market that are truly environmentally green or preservative/synthetic free, doesn't it make you feel a bit more comfortable to use?  It certainly makes me feel more at ease and just feel like I can breathe better.  It’s so crucial that our bath and body community realize the value and importance of having products that are natural and less synthetic.

I am extremely proud that Lizush’s products are made of natural products, including colorants such as spices and roots.  We only use high quality premium essential oils for scents. Our products are synthetic chemical-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free and phthalates-free.  Although it took me a while to thoroughly research every possible natural way to create these products, I felt it was well worth it.  When I thought of what the customer would prefer, I put them in my shoes when determining that my products should be all natural. It is not just for the customers who are allergic or have skin irritations.  On the contrary, more and more users want to feel reassured in the knowledge that what they are using on their skin IS natural and synthetic-free.  Hearing from so many people about not wanting to subject their body to unnecessary chemicals, I wanted to produce only natural products.

But I didn’t just stop there.  I wanted to make an effort to go Green with the individual packaging of my products.  I use glass jars for shea butter body cream, foot salts, and body scrubs.  Our massage oils, body oils and beard oils are also in glass containers, to mention just a few. The cotton bags are used for gifting, while the bath bombs and shower steamers are individually wrapped with wax paper.  We also have soap savers for the customers that are made from natural fiber.  I became more and more at ease with the fact that my products were packaged in recyclable materials.   When our customers are happy and appreciate our small attention to details such as recycling, that is when we are truly excited and content that we are making a positive contribution in their lives and to our planet.  In fact, customer interest in sustainability has only increased.  In skincare marketing, when the term ‘green’ is used, consumers assume it means the product is organic; actually, they are products used with only natural ingredients produced from renewable raw materials.  More and more oleochemicals are used, or potential sources such as:  natural oils(palm oil), agricultural plants(soybeans, corn), and bacteria.  

The unsustainable ingredients/chemicals can cause damage to environmental as well as human health.  Some ingredients that aren’t sustainable are:

  • BHA and BHT
  • Coal tar dyes
  • Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives
  • Aluminum
  • Dibutyl Phthalate(DBP)

The benefits of using natural products include environmental responsibility, increased effectiveness, and long-term health.  As a consumer, you want to know that you are contributing in some way to help the environment by purchasing and using natural sustainable products.  Also, our health is not affected by the use of synthetic chemical ingredients.  It’s a Win Win!  Let’s ALL go Green!

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